Say it To God by Luigi Gioia

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Item Number: 9781472941756

Say It To God: in Search of Prayer by Luigi Gioia.

In Say it to God, Luigi Gioia - a Benedictine monk, professor of Theology at the Pontifical University of Sant'Anselmo in Rome and researcher at the University of Cambridge - provides a welcome encouragement to all those who feel the need to freshen their practice of prayer.

For Gioia, prayer is not about methods or techniques, but trusting that God is truly interested in everything that happens to us and wants to hear about it, however seemingly frivolous a problem may fist appear.Arranged in chapters suitable for daily reading over Lent, the book leasd the reader into the theological aspects of prayer and how it relates to Christ, to the holy Spirit and to the Church. This is done without using complex theological concepts but simply through scriptual quotations.

With a foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and an afterword by Michael Casey OCSO, Say it to God demonstrates that the everyday, even the most mundane of tasks and situatuions can be applied in deeping out prayer; a welcome and engrossing guide to any person wishing to enrich their spiritual reflection, both during the period of Lent and beyond.

Softback, 224 pages.
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