England's Cathedrals

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Item Number: 9781408706459

England's Cathedrals by Simon Jenkins. “England’s cathedrals are the nation’s glory. They tower over the landscape, far more so than palaces, castles and mansions. Contrary to popular perception, visitor numbers are booming and they attract roughly half the nation’s population each year. For a millennium they have been objects of pilgrimage for those seeking faith, consolation and beauty. At the start of the twenty-first century, they remain unequalled in their size and splendour.

Each one is an individual masterpiece; each the product of a distinct imagination. An English cathedral is never monotonous, as French ones can be. It is never boring. When we enter Wells or Ely, or the chapter house in Southwell, we sense the presence of free spirits and lively minds. As we come to learn their language, we are engaged in conversation. This stunningly beautiful book, illustrated with gorgeous and often unexpected photographs, is both an insight into what English cathedrals mean to the spirit of the nation, and a visual celebration of their place in our landscape."
Simon Jenkins is the author of England's Thousand Best Churches and Thousand Best Houses, as well as books on politics and the buildings of London and Wales. He was deputy chairman of English Heritage and Chairman of the National Trust.
340 pages hardback. 10 x 8" / 25 x 20 cms.


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