Kids Gregory Gargoyle T-Shirt Blue 9-10yrs


This childrens t-shirt, for ages 9-10, features the Cathedral's new friend Gregory Gargoyle, who's busy carving some cathedral stone!

Gregory Gargoyle was no ordinary Gargoyle. He lived up on the roof of Canterbury Cathedral and for hundreds of years sat patiently watching over the City.

He certainly had a tale or two to tell. The problem was he was so SO high up nobody could hear. Then one day work began on the roof and a big red lift appeared. Sensing his chance, Gregory jumped in and came down to play.

€13.47 £12.00 $15.28

Gregory Gargoyle Plush Toy

A fun and cuddly plush toy of Gregory Gargoyle.

€18.52 £16.50 $21.02

Gregory Gargoyle Pin Badge

A charming pin badge in the shape of Gregory Gargoyle!

€5.60 £4.99 $6.36

Gregory Gargoyle Keyring

A well crafted and detailed keyring of Gregory Gargoyle! 

€5.05 £4.50 $5.73

Kids Gregory Gargoyle T-Shirt Blue 9-10yrs

A fun chlidrens t-shirt of Gregory Gargoyle having a go at stone masonry!

€13.47 £12.00 $15.28
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