Pilgrim's Token - Becket Riding


Pilgrim's Token - Becket Riding. A replica pewter 14th Century Token of St. Thomas Becket blessing while riding a horse fully vested as Archbishop and carrying his Primatial Cross. The Museum of London holds the best collection of tokens associated with Saint Thomas Becket as they were often ritually thrown into the river Thames at the end of a pilgrimage. Made in England. 3.5"/9 cms. high.

€16.83 £14.99 $19.09

St. Thomas Becket Roof Boss

A wall hanging depicting St Thomas' gruesome martyrdom.

€25.81 £22.99 $29.28

Round Becket Token

Round St Thomas Becket Pilgrim Token

€3.37 £3.00 $3.82

Canterbury Pilgrims Greeting card

Canterbury Pilgrims Greeting card

€1.68 £1.50 $1.91

Becket's Cross Pendant Pewter

A pewter replica inspired by Becket's Primatial Cross as seen in the Miracle Windows.

€19.64 £17.50 $22.29

Pilgrim T-shirt - Small

A small sized, fun and contemporary pilgrim t-shirt. 

€16.83 £14.99 $19.09

Pilgrim T-shirt - Medium

A medium sized t-shirt with a fun and contemporary pilgrim design.

€16.83 £14.99 $19.09

Pilgrim's Token - Becket Riding

A replica 14th Century Token of St. Thomas Becket riding a horse.

€16.83 £14.99 $19.09
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