Stained Glass Umbrella


This fabulous umbrella features a stunning reproduction of a stained glass roundel in Canterbury Cathedral.

The South Oculus of Canterbury Cathedral; 12th and 19th century stained glass showing Christ and Ecclesia surrounded by the Evangelists and the Apostles can be found in the Quire of Canterbury Cathedral,

€33.67 £30.00 $38.21

St. Thomas Becket Large Glass Panel

A hand painted replica of St. Thomas Becket.

€30.87 £27.50 $35.03

Stained Glass Paperweight - Floral Quatrefoil

This glass paperweight has an attractive 14th century foliate quatrefoil motif.

€19.64 £17.50 $22.29

Pendant Canterbury Cross with Blue Stones

Pendant Canterbury Cross with Blue Stones

€16.83 £14.99 $19.09

Stained Glass Umbrella

Compact umbrella featuring artwork from the South Oculus Window of Canterbury Cathedral

€33.67 £30.00 $38.21
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