Picturemaps Notebook

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This plain paper wiro-bound notebook has bright and breezy cartoons, designed by Picturemaps, showing some of the most notable characters and events from the long and colourful history of Canterbury Cathedral. Great for children of any age. A 5. Printed in England.

€4.49 £4.00 $5.09

Picturemaps Mug

Picturemaps mug

€13.47 £12.00 $15.28

Picturemaps Bookmark

This leather bookmark has bright and breezy cartoons.

€2.24 £2.00 $2.55

Ruler of Rulers

This 30cm / 12" wooden ruler lists the Kings and Queens of England.

€1.96 £1.75 $2.23

Sermon Notes - Man of God in Training

Sermon Notes - Man of God in Training

€13.47 £12.00 $15.28

Picturemaps Notebook

This plain paper notebook features bright and breezy cartoons.

€4.49 £4.00 $5.09
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